About Me

Hi, I’m Scott Patten. I’m a programmer, web developer and erstwhile physicist based in Vancouver.

I’m the co-founder of Ruboss. At Ruboss, we create Rich Internet Applications for our clients, typically with a Flex front end and Rails back ends. We’re not fanatical about this: one of our projects was an HTML/AJAX/Google Gears app with no server side component, and another uses Erlang on the server.

We also have our own project, Leanpub, which allows authors to self-publish books in an iterative agile fashion.

Finally, you may be interested in The S3 Cookbook, which will get you up and running on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, or teach you a trick or three if you’re already an expert.

You can email me at scott@scottpatten.ca

Follow me on Twitter at @scott_patten

My code is all hosted on GitHub at github.com/spatten